America’s Attitude: “We Must Do Something”

For the past two decades, the United States has acted and taken the lead in both humanitarian and military campaigns around the world. With recent news that Turkey (America’s “ally”) is now attacking ISIS targets, the war on ISIS has turned a corner. Unfortunately, the turn being made is a wrong one. The other half … More America’s Attitude: “We Must Do Something”

Where is the Marine Corps F-35 Cheerleader?

With recent reports from multiple defense news sites and first reported on ‘war is boring’ at, the F-35 was placed in to a simulated dogfight with an F-16 and lost. Not only did the F-35 lost, it lost despite being given every conceivable advantage. With no weapons attached on the F-35 and the F-16 carrying … More Where is the Marine Corps F-35 Cheerleader?

A Shrinking Force

With conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan drawing down, the American military needs to come to grips with the fact that it can’t tackle multiple conflicts overseas at the same time. The American populace has been calling for an end to the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and will not permit another large-scale engagement, according to … More A Shrinking Force

Limitations of JSOC

The Joint Special Operations Command is an enormous organization within the military establishment and has seen fervent activity & growth under President Barack Obama. With American military bases in hundreds of countries, a budget that rivals that of small nations, and tactic acceptance from both the Legislative & Executive branches of government it is a … More Limitations of JSOC